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Grandmaster Kim Soo
Chayon-Ryu has been named "Best School" in the State by the Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Kenneth Young with Grandmaster Kim Soo.



Kingwood Kim Soo Karate Chayon-Ryu was Kingwood's first martial arts school and has been in continuous operation since 1980. SaBomNim Kenneth Young is the Chief Instructor of Kingwood Karate. All rank tests are taken at the World Headquarters in Houston, under the direction of Grandmaster Kim Soo. Chayon-Ryu is a traditional martial arts system promoting self-defense and health; it is not a sport.

Grandmaster Kim Soo

Grandmaster Kim Soo, the founder of Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts, continues to actively teach. He began his martial arts training as a child in Korea and promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt when he was 13 years old. In 1994 Grandmaster Kim Soo became the youngest 10th-Degree Black Belt in the world (10th-Degree is the highest rank). Grandmaster Kim realized his dream of spreading martial arts knowledge, when in 1968 he moved to Houston, Texas. There he founded the Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts Association and began teaching in downtown Houston and at both Rice University and the University of Houston. See the website www.kimsookarate.com for more information. Click on "Honors and Awards" for a complete list of Grandmaster Kim's achievements.

Chayon-Ryu Philosophy

Chayon-Ryu (Korean for "The Natural Way") is based on those natural movements found within each of its parent styles--Chinese Chu'an Fa; Japanese Karate; Korean Taekwondo; Okinawa-Te; Judo/Jujitsu; Hapkido/Aikido. Moreover, the Chayon-Ryu teaching method is undergoing continuous study and refinement, to ensure as effective a style, and as safe a learning experience as possible for all students. Chayon-Ryu teaches natural body motion as the basis of all techniques, in order to promote power, safety, health, and fitness. With regular and constant practice in Chayon-Ryu one will without a doubt improve and strengthen a sense of self-confidence, self-esteem, and will power., which will not only help during everyday life, but also create a solid foundation to become a more independent individual.


About Us

Chief Instructor: Kenneth Young

Kenneth Young is a 4th degree Black Belt (SaBomNim) with Grandmaster Kim Soo, founder, Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts, headquartered in Houston, TX. Kenneth Young has been training with Grandmaster Kim since 1999 and became Chief Instructor, Kingwood, in 2015. He began his martial arts training in 1968 in another system and obtained a 1st Degree Black Belt in Isshinryu Karate under Master Ed Johnson.



Required Age: 6 years and up
Registration: Come to any class for two free lessons. Any Monday or Wednesday from 7:30 to 8:50 p.m
Price: $80 per month
Family discounts for more than one person.
One parent taught free with beginner child until the first rank test (usually 3 months).


Contact Us

Kingwood Kim Soo Karate Chayon-Ryu
Embody, 1524 Kingwood Drive, Suite A
Kingwood, TX 77339

Tel: 281-433-2360
Contact Kenneth Young at KingwoodKSK@gmail.com

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